Cuckold Blog: is a place for cuckolds to open up & tell their story. Cuckold definition : cuckolds can be married men to any male in domestic relationship with a woman in which he remains exclusive and she does not. The husband usually finds pleasure through that of his wife and they (the wife and extra-marital participant) may both enjoy attempting to actively include him in the act. Confessions of a College Courtesan: 20-something escort blogs about her day to day life: the good, the bad and all the dirty details in between. Little Lupe’s Personal Blog! All of my sexy thoughts and feelings and a bunch of pics and movies from my shoots and sexy adventures.

The Edge of Vanilla: Sensuous journal with a focus on discussions about intimacy and sexuality. This will not be a specifically kink-oriented blog; rather, I intend for this to become a journal about the intimacy and sexuality within relationships that border on the edge. Confessions of a message board hooker: The Life and times of Jenny DeMilo. Notorious Hollywood party girl and Message board hooker. The real scoop on the provider and hobbyist subculture and pay for play companionship in Los Angeles. A website for the man who wants a sweet phone sex girl to whisper in his ear about all the HOT things she adores doing. You can call her and get the hottest phone girlfriend of your dreams. Robot Doll’s Journal, diary of a slave. Currently under a collar of consideration this is my growth and journey with my Master. Included in this journal will be my daily thoughts and trepidations as I explore all the aspects of my submission in a BDSM lifestyle with my Master.

Dominatrix Diaries: We would like to invite you into our world of forced submission, humiliation, Calculated, sultry intense disciplines. Our range of play is extensive,our dominant style is versatile, intuitive, seductive and erotic in nature, combining both sensual and sadistic applications and administrations. All types of fetish’s are available here. Our erotic hypnotic inductions, slave training and BDSM play. Operators are standing by naked: Adventures of a phonesex operator. Operator number nine is a tall, sexy and dark haired girl who lives a triple life. Using her gift of gab to turn a buck and spilling the beans of what its like to phone bone or cash. She doesn’t just walk the walk, she talks the talk.

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