Female Fighters

Being punished by a woman for being nice to her isn’t on everybody’s mind when they think about athetic women, but it may be just what happens to a wimp when he finds himself in a relationship with an abusive female fighter. Real numbers aren’t known as sexual abuse of women over men isn’t as well researched as the other way around.

Observing women fight each other with nothing else but boxing gloves makes them appear ferocious, relentless and mean. Their will to apply brute force against anything and anybody provides a hunch about the punishment a poor boyfriend or husband must endure during a relationship with a female fighter. One must be a masochist to cope with such a violent women. For that she might be the salvation for our dreams of getting our ass kicked and spanked as often as possible. Better having that accomplished by a women’s boxing champion that a dragon of a fat-assed wife who eats hairs for breakfast.

Female Wrestling
Asian actress Asia Akira with a ripping technique in HTM wrestling contest against Cali Logan. Both are famous adult actresses.

Looking at the fighting female history, in boxing and the UFC in particular, an observation about the femininity of some of the most accomplished champions in the ring comes with hard evidence of striking beauty. Many of the wildest chicks are sufficiently beautiful to get paid for taking off their clothes in men’s magazines like Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler along the better known online erotica portals. Naturally, being seen alongside a spiffy and athletic chick like that may show sufficient compensation for a hubby to look away from the alleged abuse they might be suffering according to unprooven sociological research.

Jesico Bopp
Nudes with Argentinian boxing champion Jesica Bopp. Image courtesy of ESPN.com

Who would be your favorite female fighting champion you would like to sparr and have a relationship with? A big mouth like Germany’s Regina Halmich who has reigned in professional boxing and kickboxing? Maybe a Lucia Rijker who was once knocked out by a man in a pro Muay Thai match? Or a sexy chica like Jesica Bopp of Argentina who leaves out no ooportunity wot flash her naked bits at photographers whenever she poses for pictures?
I am looking forward to your relpies. Just enter them in the comment box below and we will approve them asap.

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